Sunday, April 28, 2013

#1--Are Those Heels You're Wearing Ma'am?

The very first challenge I put on my list had to do with footwear. How typical of a lady, right?

This little challenge of mine was a roughy though: not only buying a pair of heels, but actually wearing them.

I love heels. The look of them that is. But, they never seem to find a way into my wardrobe because they often don't feel like the practical choice. Why? First of all, they are harder to walk in. And what if I need to actually run somewhere really quick? Because obviously, that is the most practical of thoughts. And second, you can wear flats with every outfit. Heels, more limited. And the cheap, Westside part of me goes practical every time. (For the same reason I default to brown or black shoes rather than a spunky little red or leopard skin pair).

So, on a whim (when I make my least practical decisions) I went to the shoe section at Target. And, after looking at all of my options, I settled in on a cute little pair of wedges. They had a heel, but it wasn't too tall (flats to shoes with any sort of heel is a dramatic change) and they were in my price range (on sale of course).

And, I am happy to report that I not only bought them, but I've worn them. FOUR TIMES. In one week. Three of which were to work, including the day of an event.

The best part: I didn't die. I didn't fall over. And, I can still walk..

Why did I wait so long to do this?

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