Wednesday, May 30, 2012

29 Things I Am Looking Forward to in My 29th Year

1.  Making the most of my last year in my 20s (age is just a number)
2. Finishing my 30 Before 30 list (366 days to go!)
3. Moving into my first house (still so weird to say)
4. Learning as much as I can about as many things as I can (love soaking in new things)
5. Enjoying as much time with friends as possible (Seriously, have you seen how awesome my friends are?)
6. Random trips to Louisville to see the fam (can't get enough of them)
7. Watching Norah and Brighton grow and take on more personality (they just keep getting more and more hilarious)
8. Attending my first Jazzercise live routine taping (and seeing "Queen Judy" herself in person)
9. Planning a trip to Atlanta to visit some sweet friends (Andrea Gray and Debbie Swag--this means YOU)
10. Learning to cook actual food in an actual kitchen (not in a microwave using more than 18" of counter space)
11. Picking Mom's brain on all things sewing (New house=8,427,534 projects running through my head)
12. Catching up on TV shows I've always wanted to see (thank you Netflix and Hulu Plus)
13. Family Cabin Weekend in the fall (one of my favorite parts of the year)
14. Growing closer to my Echo Church family (They are beyond fantastic)
15. Being able to paint a room in my own house (7 years in an apartment you can't paint gets a little boring)
16. Meeting new babies of some of my favorite friends (I'm becoming a professional Aunt Beth)
17. Learning to eat healthier (reference #10)
18. Having a room that is totally dedicated to creativity (the room in the new house I'm most excited about)
19. Eat sushi for the second time (Just to confirm I didn't think it was gross)
20. Read a real book, not one made into a teen movie (Suggestions?)
21. Learning Photoshop (just call me Deena Designer)
22. Learn more about photography (actual photography, not Instagram)
23. Finally finish reading Mockingjay (for me, Kindle version equals "out of sight, out of mind")
24. Learn how to be good at using coupons (Hello, I bought a house people)
25. Discover hidden treasures in Cincinnati (restaurants, places to hang out, etc)
26. Plan a weekend getaway with my Mom (she's earned about a 7-month vacation so far)
27. Discovering new music (insert Spotify here)
28. Reminding myself that it is okay to sit and do nothing without feeling guilty (just like my friends have been telling me for years)
29. Looking forward to what 29 will bring (Who knew 28 would have brought me a new house? You've got big shoes to fill Year 29!)

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