Friday, July 8, 2011


9.  Attempt to eat seafood.

So I've been getting a little pressure lately because I haven't been updating my blog often enough (you know, the blog about the things I"m going to do over the next 22 months).  Believe me--making a list of 30 things that I wanted to do was really difficult.  It took a week and a half because I kept debating on whether the items I was listing were tough enough to be on a "30 before 30" list.  Then, once the list was made, I had to post it on a blog.  Me, the perfectionist, had to put this out there for the world to see.  And now, I've got to start actually doing these things.

Just picking the item to start with was tricky.  I wanted to start with something that was going to be a definite stretch for me, but I couldn't knock out too big of an accomplishment right out of the gate.  Where could I start that would satisfy all of my adoring fans (let's be honest--there might be three people other than my Mom reading this blog) and yet still leave me room to keep your attention.

And then today, while at work, it hit me.  #9--Attempt to eat seafood.

For most, this wouldn't be a challenge at all.  Seafood isn't an unusual genre of cuisine.  For me, not quite.  I've never liked seafood.  But, I think that it always looks so good when other people try it.  I figured that since I don't like seafood, or at least I don't think I like it because I never try to eat it, this would be a great one to knock off the list.

So tonight, I found myself here:

Walking in the door was the first step.  Luckily, I took along a sushi expert in Brittany Smalling (she's at least an expert in my book).  I would have been lost looking on the menu without her.

We spent time checking out the menu and, after much debate, felt confident of our order.

I would have had NO IDEA what I was doing if Brittany hadn't been there.  Luckily, she helped me pick out a wide variety of sushi options for my first experience.

After a few minutes, the food arrived.  Like I've always thought: pretty, interesting, terrifying.

Red Double Roll, California Roll, Philly Roll

There was no turning back now.  After a short debate, I decided to go all out and try the Red Double roll first.  Not only is there shrimp inside this roll, it is also wrapped in crab (in case you couldn't keep up, that's double seafood points in one bite).

Here we go!

The verdict:  It wasn't bad!  Was it my favorite food of all time?  I'll be honest--No.  Do I think I'll eat it multiple times a week?  No.  But, did I hate it?  NO!  It was definitely the challenge to start with, giving me confidence to keep tackling these.

Not only did I get to mark the first thing off the list, Brittany and I got the "Clean Plate" award.


  1. YAY,BETH!! So proud of you. I wouldn't have been able to do this one--- I'm more of a blackened tilapia kind of girl. :)

  2. Great work! I'm not huge into sushi like everyone else is either. I'm not that exotic, I guess. But I've finally been brave enough to try new ones so that I know a tad bit more than I once did about sushi options. :)

  3. I know I could have picked a thousand ways to try seafood, but I thought sushi would be the craziest way to do it. Definitely willing to give more seafood a shot...even though I prefer a good steak any day. :)