Thursday, August 4, 2011

Craft of the Month

There is a reason why I have been avoiding joining Pintrest.  Because for a crafter like me, it is like quick sand.  You get sucked in and you just can't get out.  Here is a prime example:

My friend, Brittany, wanted to show me Pintrest and how great it is.  While showing me the things that she had pinned, this little beauty came up:

Within 5 minutes, this was happening:

Brittany is new to crafts, so I used this as a teachable moment to get her addicted to this passion of mine.  Within minutes we had this:

The trees were ready for decorating.  We picked out the palette below to add some purple to my office (a major color in my area) as well as a few fun pops of color:

Then we went to town using three different sizes of round foam brushes, adding more and more circles as we went:

Until we got to this point:

Now they are framed (thanks to some super nice frames Mom's old work was going to toss) and ready to be hung in my new office!

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